I’m a huge fan of wearing nude lips as it’s so easy for a simple everyday makeup look. You don’t really have to think about it being precise and it almost suits any eye look. I’ve tried many nude lipsticks in the last years, so I definitely know what I like and don’t like in a nude lipstick by now. Nude colors can be very difficult as they can either wash you out really bad or they can suit you beautifully. I’ve definitely made some mistakes in nude lipstick choices before, so that’s why I’m writing this blogpost so this won’t happen to you. I decided to pick three MAC lipsticks as I think MAC is great brand with some good lipstick formulas and an amazing range of colors (which can be very overwhelming). So I’m going to share with you my top three nude lipsticks from MAC to hopefully help you out a bit.

1. Honeylove

If you want to go for a light nude, I definitely recommend Honeylove from MAC. For me, this is the perfect nude lip that’s not too brown and not too pink. The is more on the warm side which makes it very easy to pull off. I really love this lipstick because it’s light, but it doesn’t wash me out at all. MAC describes this lipstick as a ‘light beige toned with rose’ and I couldn’t agree more with this description.

2. Velvet Teddy

I know, this is one of the most popular MAC lipsticks. But I have to say, it’s so popular for a very good reason. It’s such a beautiful nude color that’s a bit darker than Honeylove. Again, this lipstick has warm undertones and leans a bit more towards the brown side. This lipstick has a matte finish, which is my favorite. I also feel like this color would suit so many different skin tones. It’s just a really good basic to have in your collection. MAC describes this color as ‘deep-tone beige’.

3. Taupe

I feel like this color is not as popular as the other two I just mentioned, but it’s definitely worth giving a try if you’re into darker nudes. This color is a bit more on the orange side, and again it has warm undertones. If you’re familiar with MAC Whirl, Taupe is kind of in the same family of colors. However, I think Taupe is so much easier to wear as it looks way more natural than Whirl. I’d say Whirl would be the cool-toned version of Taupe. MAC describes this lipstick as a ‘muted reddish-taupe brown’. I don’t completely agree with this description because I don’t see any ‘taupe’ in this lipstick. So I guess the name of this lipstick can be slightly misleading, but nevertheless, this is a beautiful lipstick that I wear very frequently.


Left to right: Honeylove – Velvet Teddy – Taupe

Hope you enjoyed this blogpost! Let me know what your favorite nude lipsticks are!

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