I’ve never really been a huge collector of phone cases, as I felt like having one good one was enough for me. But ever since I’ve discovered the brand ‘Ideal of Sweden’ I’ve been loving switching up my phone cases every once in a while. Ideal of Sweden is a brand that is very popular under the Instagrammers. They are known for their amazing and beautiful designs of phone cases. I personally got the chance to receive some of their phone cases over the last couple of months, and I have to say, I’ve fallen in love with them. All of their designs are so beautiful, and perfect for those Instagram flatlays. They come out with new designs each season and they always implement the latest trends into their designs, which I think is so cool. In this blogpost I will share my little collection of Ideal of Sweden phone cases, and stay tuned till the end, because I have a special discount code for all of my followers.

Ocean Marble

I love marble, so it’s no surprise that this phone case is one of my favorites. This phone case has quite a neutral marble design, but it’s also slightly different from the traditional marble. It has some hues of blue and grey which is what gives it this ‘ocean’ feel. I think this is the perfect phone case if you’re looking for something quite neutral, but still a bit outstanding and special.

Island Paradise Marble

Another marble phone case, but this one looks completely different. It’s a lot more bold than the ‘ocean marble’ as it has this beautiful light blue color. This phone case is perfect for in the summer season, as it’s really bright and colorful.

Pilion Pink Marble

And the last marble case in my collection is this beautiful pink one. Again, this one is a bit more bright but perfect or all you girls out there who love some pink in their lives. The marble of this case is also not the typical marble we all know. It almost looks a bit more like a rose quartz print to me.

Floral Romance

This is the phone case that I’ve been using loads recently. I think the design of it is absolutely stunning! Floral prints were a huge trend at the end of summer, and they’re still quite popular now. I really love the colors of this floral pattern on this case and I love the combination with the white background.

So these are all the phone cases from Ideal of Sweden that I own, but I’m pretty sure my collection will grow a bit more! I love all of these cases, but if I’d have to choose my favorites I’d say the Ocean Marble and the Floral Romance.

As promised at the beginning of the blogpost, I have a special discount code for my followers and readers of my blog to get a 20% discount on Ideal of Sweden. You can use the code KIRSTEN20 in their webshop here! And if you do want to make use of this code, you have to hurry because it will only be valid for two weeks (16th – 30th Oct).

Kirsten x


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