I post on Instagram every single day, and sometimes it can get a bit difficult to come up with new ideas for photos. There will always be days when you just don’t have any inspiration to create new content, which can be very stressful. That’s why I’m going to share with you 10 Instagram posts ideas to create the perfect feed. These types of photos can be done over and over again with some different adaptations to it. You can come back to this post when you need some inspiration for photos and this can post will be your little inspirational guide.

Fashion Flatlays

I always like to add flatlays to my Instagram feed with my fashion favorites of the moment. For example I will use sweaters, bralettes or shoes, I will lay them flat on the ground and I typically add something like a lipstick to the photo. You can also think about the background when doing these photos. By changing the backgrounds it will create a bit of a different feel every time you take these photos.

The Makeup Flatlay

I do these makeup flatlay every once in a while to show my followers the makeup and beauty products I’m loving at that particular moment. So even though the idea behind these photos are the same, the effect will be different every time I take these photos because I will be using new or different products. This is a really simple and quick photo you can take and I feel like it always looks really good in an Instagram feed.

Interior Details

I personally have a lot of candles and small little decorations in my room, so this is another thing you can use in your Instagram feed. This is really good for mixing up things a bit so you won’t just have a feed with only flatlays. You can just take a photo of any small little corner in your room that you find cute and it will make a good edition for your feed.

Outfit Photos

The classic full outfit shots are always a good idea for your Instagram feed. I feel like these photos are really important for you feed. These kind of photos always get the most engagement on my own Instagram page so I definitely recommend starting to take these photos. You can just ask your friends to take some photos while you’re out together. I always think about the places where I want to take the photos beforehand so I can just take my friends with me there and take a few photos.

Food and Drinks

I always like to take some photos of my food and drinks when I’m eating out. Especially in some of the cute hotspots you can take some really pretty photos. The most important thing when doing this is to have good lighting. If it’s very dark in a restaurant it will be a bit more difficult to take photos that are appropriate for Instagram.

Book/Work Flatlays

These kinds of photos can be made very easily while doing your work. Just create a little flatlay of what you’re doing at the moment with some books, planners notes etc. People always like to see what other people are working on as this can be motivational for them, and by using some cute notebooks these photos can look really nice in your feed too.

Outfit details

A twist on the outfit shot is an outfit detail shot. Make a close-up shot of the accessoires you’re wearing on a particular day an this will create a perfect photo to fit your feed. You can think about shots of your watch, jewellery, handbag, shoes or clothing details.

Travel Photos

If you happen to travel a lot, travel photos are perfect for mixing up your feed. I love adding photos of architecture of different places I’ve visited as this brings some variety in your feed. So look around you and take some beautiful photos of your surroundings that will fit your feed.

Hotspot Photos

There are so many cute cafes and hotspot nowadays with the most beautiful and photogenic interiors. These environments are the perfect place for taking some Instagram worthy photos. So next time you’re going to have lunch at your favorite spot, make sure to bring your camera and make some shots while you’re there.

What’s on my clothing rack

I have a clothing rack in my room which creates the perfect setting to take photos of what’s on my clothing rack at the moment. I always change up the selection of clothes I have on here when the seasons change and I share my favorite items hanging on my clothing rack on Instagram.

So these are 10 ideas for Instagram posts for the perfect feed. These are all types of photos of which you can use the basic idea over and over again, while changing the actual props in the photos slightly every time. Having these ideas of basic Instagram photos can make it a lot easier to create a coherent and diverse feed, so I hope it will be useful for you!

Kirsten x



    • KirstenHartman
      October 11, 2017 / 11:19 am

      Thank you, hopefully they will be useful for you! x

  1. October 11, 2017 / 6:56 pm

    Love these ideas!

  2. Suzanne Martin
    November 5, 2017 / 10:27 am

    Must glue camera to My hand, haven’t got into this mindset at the moment. Was at Cathedral Craft fair on Saturday. Bought a felt poppy and Alpaca cardigan no photos. Thur night preview of my vintage clothes again no camera.

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