I don’t wear a lot of accessories and jewelry as I have a few favorites that I always wear. But it’s time to switch up things a bit. I’ve been wearing my rosegold Micheal Kors watch almost every single day for a few years now, and even though I still love that watch, it’s time to try something new. So when I got the chance to collaborate with Cluse, I immediately knew the answer. I’ve been seeing the Cluse watches all over Instagram, and they’ve become really popular over the last few years. Cluse do so many beautiful designs so I’m super excited to finally have my own Cluse watch.

I decided to go for the Minuit Mesh Rosegold watch as I feel like this design is the perfect size for me. Cluse do a few different styles in a lot of different colors, so it was quite hard to pick one of the many beautiful ones. The Minuit Mesh is a bit smaller than the classic models of Cluse, which is why I love the design of this one. I have quite thin wrists and small hands, so a lot of watches tend to look too big for me when I wear them. But this particular design is the perfect size for me.

And of course, I had to get it in the rosegold color. I love rosegolden watches as they look really classy in my opinion. I think the mesh band of this watch also looks really classy and expensive. This watch is so easy to combine basically with any outfit as it has a very minimalistic look. At the same time it’s very elegant and feminine.

There are a few things that I really love about this watch and that actually make me want to get more of them in the future. First of all I love how light this Cluse watch is. Especially compared to my Michael Kors watch it’s such a big difference in weight. You almost don’t feel this watch when having it on. Another thing that I really like is the fact that this watch is really thin. A lot of watches nowadays are really big and bulky which doesn’t look very good on me as I’m quite petite. But this watch is very dainty. And lastly, the strap is easily adaptable to the size of your wrist. I love that you can just change the size of the strap by yourself.

All in all, I’m really impressed by my first Cluse watch! I’d definitely recommend having a look at Cluse if you’re on the hunt for a new watch. They also just came out with some new designs for the fall and winter season, and they look absolutely stunning. If you’re interested in getting a Cluse watch yourself, this is your chance, because I have a 15% discount code for you which you can use on all the products in their webshop. The code is ‘KIRSTENHARTMANCOM15’ and you can use it on You can also get it from this website.


Do you own a cluse watch?

Kirsten x


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