Fall is almost here and I can’t wait to be able to wear fall fashion again. I love the fall season for its fashion as I feel like you can do a lot more outfit-wise than in summer. I love layering jumpers with coats and scarfs, and there are so many options. However, it can be quite difficult to make the transition from your summer wardrobe to your fall appropriate one. The time between summer and fall can still be a bit warm on some days, but very cold and rainy on others which makes it hard to know what to wear sometimes. In this post I will share some of the items that I’m wearing a lot at the moment and that are perfect for this transition to fall. I personally think the key is to layer. On warmer days, wear a t-shirt but layer it with a nice leather jacket. And on the colder days I will wear a sweater with a nice coat.

The Black Leather Jacket

This is a staple in my wardrobe all year long, but especially during fall time I love wearing leather jackets. They are so easy to combine with loads of different outfits and I feel like they always make an outfit look put together. I think everyone should have at least one good leather jacket in their wardrobe, because you can’t really go wrong with it and it will probably never really go out of style.  In the fall time I love layering leather jacket with big jumper underneath on cooler days. And on warmer days I would wear it with a t-shirt and a nice pair of jeans. I got this particular jacket at Zara. Zara do really good leather jackets, so definitely have a look if you want to get one.

The Oversized Jumper

I’ve always been a fan of oversized clothing, but when it comes to fall I tend to like it even more. I love the look of oversized jumpers – I often size up one or two sizes – as it’s very casual and comfortable but still can look very put together at the same time. I got this specific jumper from Urban Outfitters because I love the color of it and it’s made of a super soft material. I feel like a lot of places do good sweater, like H&M, Zara and Bershka, but the trick is to size up. You can even look at the mens section, I sometimes prefer the way mens tops and jumpers fall on the body and they will give you the perfect oversized look.

The Slogan Tee

The slogan tee has been a huge trend over the past couple of weeks, and they will remain popular this upcoming fall. There are loads of different variations with different cool slogans. Especially the ones with feminist slogans are very popular right now. I personally got this white one that says ’emotional’ from Weekday. I love how simple, but at the same time different this shirt is. I wore it in one of my outfit posts before, so if you want to see how I styled it, you can check out the blogpost here.

The High Neck Shirt

High neck shirts are another staple for me in fall as they can really easily dress an outfit up or down. They can either look very casual or quite dressy, so you can create loads of different outfits with it. They also come in a lot of different kinds of shirts, and personally I really like this light grey jumper from H&M. I typically tuck it in a pair of skinny black jeans, and wear it with some sneakers or heeled boots and a nice coat. But I think a more tight fitting black high neck top is also very versatile and definitely a must in your fall wardrobe.

The Striped Blouse

Stripes blouses were already really big the past summer, and I think they still are very wearable in fall. I’ve seen so many beautiful and patterned blouses all over the high street shops, and I personally really like them. I think it’s always good to have a few of these more trendy and interesting pieces in your wardrobe to switch up things every once in a while. This specific blouse is from Zara and I think it’s perfect for fall because of its color.

The Boyfriend Blazer Coat

I’ve been loving this coat from Monki, and it’s absolutely perfect for the transition to fall. I think a nice black blazer coat like this is a staple in any woman’s wardrobe as it’s so easy to style. Again, it can be worn very casually but also more dressy depending on what you pair it with. This coat will definitely keep you warm on the cooler days in fall and it’s just a really good basic piece to have.

So these are all my top picks for the transition from summer to fall. I think these pieces can create some really cute outfits and they are really easy to combine. The key in fall definitely is layering, so having some different shirts and coats is a must for me. And of course, a good pair of jeans is typically what I would pair all these pieces with. Hope you enjoyed this post and maybe it gave you some fall fashion inspiration.

What are your favorite pieces to wear in the fall time?

Kirsten x


  1. September 29, 2017 / 8:44 pm

    So cute! As a native Southern California gal, I don’t and have never owned a coat like that. But I so want one now! As for the slogan tees, I definitely have my go-to’s. 🙂

    • KirstenHartman
      September 30, 2017 / 8:56 am

      Ahh yea I understand! It’s quite necessary to have coats like these in Holland, because it can get so cold haha!

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