As the summer vacation has officially started for me, my morning routine has changed quite a bit. No lectures, seminars and deadlines means more time in the morning to get ready. As a result, my morning routine has become quite long and extensive. I love waking up slowly and preparing myself for the day ahead in a positive way, as a good start of the day.

Of course, the first thing to do is actually waking up, the hardest part of the day. I try to wake up at around nine in the morning, even though I have the whole day off. This way I can still have a productive day.

Time for breakfast, the most important (and my favorite) meal of the day. I always eat my breakfast while watching some YouTube video’s to get me into a good and positive mood.

In the summer, I try to do an at home workout every morning. It’s a great way to start off your day, and I always end up feeling amazing afterwards. It doesn’t have to be a long workout, the most important thing is to get your body moving. I either put on some music and do my own thing, or I put on a workout video on YouTube.

After working out, it’s time to take a shower and get ready for the rest of the day. I love using the The Body Shop products, as they smell amazing!

One of the most difficult but also fun decisions in the morning for me is picking out an outfit. Have you ever had the feeling of having nothing to wear while standing in front of a closet packed with clothes? Because I definitely do, all the time.

On to my favorite part of the morning, doing my make-up. I generally wear make-up everyday, and I love doing it because it makes me feel good and more confident about myself. I feel like if there’s any way to make you personally feel better, you should always take advantage of it.

Time to start the day! After doing all these steps, I will start doing whatever the days holds for me. On a typical day this means working on my blog, going to the city to see my friends, or taking some photographs for my Instagram account.

What does your morning routine look like?

Kirsten x


  1. July 29, 2017 / 8:49 am

    Wow! I’m in love with your blog, keep going lovely!

    • KirstenHartman
      July 29, 2017 / 9:14 am

      Thank you so much lovely! I’m glad you like it! xx

  2. July 30, 2017 / 6:58 pm


  3. Selvia Hendrati
    August 30, 2017 / 8:59 am

    Love it 😍😍😍

  4. September 1, 2017 / 3:52 pm

    Your photos are stunning, also can I ask where you got that grey and orange cushion from in the first picture 🙈 my eyes zoomed right in on it and I love it 😊

    • KirstenHartman
      September 1, 2017 / 6:28 pm

      Thanks so much! But I unfortunately don’t know where it’s from because got it as a present haha xx

      • September 1, 2017 / 11:47 pm

        Dammit lol 🙂 Thanks anyways x

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